Clarity Laser Peel

This superficial laser treatment utilizes precise technology to remove the outermost layer of dead cells from the skin surface resulting in fresher, brighter skin appearance.  The equivalent of 4 to 6 microdermabrasion’s, this procedure can be done within 20-30 minutes.  Expect 1-2 days of redness and/or peeling after the treatment. 

Shasta Resurfacing Treatment

A specific combination of our MicroLaser peel and Profractional resurfacing, this is an excellent treatment option for most patients wanting wrinkle reduction and a more youthful skin glow. The 10 micron MicroLaser peel precisely removes unwanted outer skin layers while the Profractional treatment targets deep channels of tissue for collagen production, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. With minimal down-time of 4-6 days this treatment is ideal for those who have limited ability to take time away from work/home responsibilities but still are looking for great results. 

MicroLaser peel 10-50 microns

The MicroLaser peel (MLP) procedure can be titrated to remove a specific amount of tissue depending on underlying skin problems and skin type.  This procedure may help to improve superficial lines and discolorations resulting in more even, brighter skin appearance.  This procedure is often coupled with IPL or Profractional treatments for maximum benefit. 

Profractional Resurfacing

Fractional laser therapy allows deeper levels of tissue to be targeted with minimal downtime.  The Sciton Profractional hand piece precisely targets thousands of pinpoint areas of tissue leaving the majority of your skin intact.  Ideal for the patient looking to improve skin tone and texture but with limited downtime, Profractional treatments ideally should be done as a series for best results.  Maximum benefits from collagen remodeling occur in 3-6 months.  

Deep Resurfacing

Deeper skin resurfacing treatments are designed to address entrenched facial lines and wrinkles.  An intensive consultation with Dr. Dunn-Black is needed to discuss the best resurfacing options for your skin.

Scar Revision

Fractional resurfacing technology can be used to improve scar appearance by encouraging new, more organized collagen remodeling.  Generally at least 6-8 treatments will be needed for scar improvement.  Cost will vary depending on size and severity of scar, consultation required.