side by side massage

Comforting hands Therapeutic Massage and Bowen Therapy
By Catherine Virgin
Combines Esalen and Swedish techniques using a variety of oils and lotions.
With each massage you automatically receive a Reiki treatment. Reiki universal life “energy” is a gentle practice that helps promote healing of a body, mind and spirit through laying on of hands.
30 min.-$30
1 hour-$50
Therapeutic Massage and Bowen Therapy
1 hour 30 min. $75

massage 1Bowen Therapy is a gentle neuromuscular release technique for pain relief. A well-known therapy utilizing energy work and touch, it is both effective and relaxing.
Sessions done while clients are fully clothed and take 30 to 50 min.
Per treatment- $35 / 6 sessions prepaid -$175


I appreciate your energy and I will forever be grateful for your naturally genuine love and ability to encourage our amazing young woman to feel as beautiful on the outside as much so as on the inside. Thank you Louria. You are a blessing to us both!

Selena Ghan-Shipman