Clarity Medical Massage



Deep Tissue Massage
This massage is designed to release adhesions (or knots) helping to relax the nervous 
system and alleviate muscular pain. It is performed with sustained deep pressure 
emphasizing the healing aspects of various massage styles
1 hour-$60
1 hour 30 min. $80

The Signature Body Masque and Scrub
Enjoy a hydrating or detoxifying, skin softening body masque that is first heated and
then painted on the body. While resting and in a gentle blanket wrap, receive a face,
scalp and foot massage. Next, indulge in a luxurious body exfoliation treatment that
incorporates relaxing massage strokes. Choose between a detoxifying Dead Sea
salt polish and a hydrating sugar buff. The technician will then hand-blend the
body-polish with the essential oil aroma of your choice.
45 min. $85


hot stone

Lomi Lomi massage is known as the "hands of love".

The head to toe strokes vary in depth and direction to produce a release of blocked energies, loosen tensions and promote profound relaxation. The stone-distribution of heat, combined with the soothing, gliding movement, warms and relaxes the muscles to a much greater extent than that achieved by simply massaging the body with the hands alone.oils

The sensation produced by gliding heated stones over the body is something that can only be appreciated by experiencing it.

Lomi Pohaku is based on Polynesian-Hawaiian tradition. Hot stones have been used for healing for many thousands of years by Indigenous Cultures from Russia, Hawaii, Japan and North America. The stones used for this therapy are mostly basalt stones created by volcanic activity. The surfaces have been completely smoothed in riverbeds or tossed by the ocean for many years. They have a wonderful energy direct from Nature to you.

HIgh Quality aromatherapy
oils upon request

I received my massage training at the Maui Academy of Healing Arts in Hawaii in 1998. throughout the years I enjoyed performing this art along the beautiful coastline of Maui at some of the finest resorts in the South Pacific.
I am very blessed to be offering body treatments now in the beautiful Clarity Medical Spa.
Come and enjoy with us!
Fernanda L.M.T. & C.N.A.

I Will...

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Spray Tanning

Have a safe and beautiful
golden tan without all
the harmful and aging UV
damage that comes from
tanning beds or sun bathing.
Full body tan - $35
Package of 6 - $175
Upper or lower body tan - $20
Package of 6 - $105

spray tan